Syndication can be a very valuable growth strategy for your online video business if it delivers the intended results without excessive cost and time to manage it. However, the syndication landscape constantly changes, involves multiple platforms, requires various technical formats and operates under different business models which collectively can make it all very complicated, inefficient and time consuming.

  • How do I identify from all the available online video distribution outlets the ones that are best suited for my content objectives?
  • How do I know which syndication opportunities are immediate value, “up and coming in value” and low value?
  • How can I make my syndication efforts produce more return and less work for me?
  • How can I minimize the effort, time and cost it takes to develop and manage multiple partner syndication partner relationships?

The VideoLantern Advantage

Videolantern minimizes the challenges that inhibit your ability to grow your online video business through syndication. We identify and develop relationships with leading distributors that can meet your distribution objectives. Our business development expertise and contract specialists focus on securing terms that work best for you.

  • We know the online video syndication landscape very well and know which opportunities are the best fit for your particular content.
  • We let you know which outlets will produce value for you now, which ones are good to pursue for future value and which ones will likely produce little or no value.
  • We negotiate, close and manage favorable syndication deals with leading outlets for you which minimize your overhead time and costs.
  • We help you develop and implement a comprehensive horizontal, vertical and multi-platform based syndication strategy that maximizes your reach and return.

VideoLantern’s distribution services include:

  • Workflow management tools
  • Asset management
  • Syndication Deals
  • Syndication Strategy