What are your challenges?

Online advertising today is an important and highly-capable medium for advertisers. There are many exciting ways to reach targeted, valuable and untapped audiences online with great ROI.

The challenge can often be finding these opportunities, delivering successful campaigns across a multitude of technologies and not spending too much time or cost in the process. Perhaps you’ve asked the following questions:

  • How can I effectively reach my target audience online with so much fragmentation?
  • Where do I get the reach of ad networks AND the value of direct publisher relationships?
  • How do I ensure my online video ads run only on high quality, professional videos?
  • How can I increase the value of my online campaign with social media and content integration?
  • Who can help me strategize, implement and deliver a comprehensive online campaign?

How VideoLantern Helps

Videolantern makes your online advertising produce better results with less time and cost. We are your one-stop-shop. We sell media directly on behalf of our sites, serve and traffic campaigns and deliver comprehensive reporting. VideoLantern works the site-side so you can focus on the message and media campaign. We will make your brand resonate with consumers.

  • We aggregate valuable fragmented audiences for you so you get both reach and ROI.
  • We directly represent sites giving you a valuable, direct relationship with them.
  • We provide 100% visibility and complete control of your spend on a real time, site-by-site basis.
  • We only work with high quality, professional video content that matches the value of your ad brand.
  • We use robust audience-engaging ad delivery tools to maximize your campaign’s performance such as pre-roll, display, micro-sites, custom games, social media and content integration.
  • Our expertise helps you succeed in the important, valuable and complex online media marketplace.

About VideoLantern Content

VideoLantern manages a portfolio of publishers with high-value, professionally produced content. Our content attracts a loyal, highly engaged audience communities who spend lots of time on site.

We aggregate publisher audiences and centralize their ad serving technology so it’s easy for to get your advertisement into the content. We also segment our audience into targeted verticals based on your campaign objectives (i.e. highly-affluent, well-educated, tech savvy and geo-targeted consumers).

Contact us to learn about reaching valuable, engaged audiences with the ease of a one-stop-shop.

Ad Solution Attributes

Our video ad management services are powered by the industry’s leading software. We ensure optimal campaign performance and control. With VideoLantern you can be confident that your ad campaign will be fulfilled accurately and successfully.

A few of the many ad solution features:

  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Remarketing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Geographic targeting down to the state, city & DMA level
  • Targeting by content catalog, channel, or episode
  • 100% site transparency so you know exactly where your ads are serving
  • Robust site-by-site reporting