Monetization can be one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of your online video business. VideoLantern knows first-hand the tough challenges every publisher faces and the importance of overcoming them.

  • How come my inventory is not getting the fill rate or the CPM rate I want?
  • How do I prepare and position my site to get a larger piece of the increasing digital media advertising market spend?
  • How do I create and optimize multiple ad revenue streams at a low cost and with little effort so that I can maximize the profit on my inventory?
  • How can I increase my reach to attract more and better advertising opportunities while still maintaining control of my own ad sales decisions and channel?

The VideoLantern Advantage

As the leading OVMO, VideoLantern helps you extend your advertising capabilities and decrease your daily management costs. Think of VideoLantern as one of your top producing revenue centers.

  • We identify how your inventory can perform better for you.
  • We make sure the best ad sales channels know about your content and are constantly working hard to fill it with their best campaigns.
  • We make your online video advertising management efficient so that the process of making your revenue doesn’t cost you a lot.
  • We simplify the complexities of multiple ad agency relationships, ad network relationships and the underlying technical requirements.
  • We secure scale-based ad buys that give you desirable leverage and produce higher revenue.
  • We minimize your management time and cost while making sure that you remain the decision maker for your inventory.

VideoLantern’s advertising services include:

  • Direct Ad Sales
  • Indirect Ad Network Sales
  • Ad Serving
  • Ad Optimization
  • Ad Operations
  • Ad Strategy