What are your challenges?

Many publishers and media companies face a common set of challenges that prevent them from achieving an effective and profitable online video business. Some of these questions may sound familiar to you, because they certainly sound familiar to us. We know the challenges. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do I get the revenue from my online video to cover my costs?
  • How can I lower the payments I make to online video vendors?
  • Who helps put money in my pocket rather than just taking money out of it?
  • Where can I find a simple solution, one bill and revenue generation all together?
  • Where can I get low-cost online video help so I can focus on what I do best?
  • How can I find a way to pay for services based on how much I use them?
  • How do I get more help attracting top advertiser attention for my content?
  • How can I make syndication less effort and more return for my time?
  • How do I get the leverage, expertise and assistance to strike the best deals?

How VideoLantern Helps

We are tailored for your needs! Today, companies like yours face an increasingly important and complex online video market. As such, online video can be very confusing, costly and time consuming. VideoLantern provides one-stop, outsourced managed video solutions to streamline processes, decrease costs, and increase revenues. Everything we do is built to serve your needs.

  • We focus on both raising your revenue and lowering your costs.
  • We have relationships with leading vendors that let us create pricing plans fit for you.
  • We work with most of the top video advertising sales channels to maximize your revenue streams.
  • We simplify your life by removing the time, cost and complexity of your online video.
  • We do online video 24/7 so we can provide high value expertise at a low cost to assist your online video management.
  • We package our services such that you pay only for the services you use as you use them.
  • We leverage our publisher’s aggregated size to build reach that increases your site’s ad attractiveness.
  • We have syndication relationships that generate revenue and not just give away your content.
  • We strike relationships that we can extend to you for quick implementation with little effort.


Lower Costs

We lower your video streaming and operations costs by removing sales and management inefficiencies for you and the leading technology vendors whose products and services you want. This allows us to provide you service from some of the highest quality Online Video Platforms (OVP), workflow management systems, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) at below market cost. We will beat your current online video carrying cost.

Increase Revenue

We increase your video revenue with the best video ad strategies, ad serving technologies and multiple ad sales channels. These all work in combination to maximize the return on your video from higher revenue CPMs to more optimized inventory fill services that seek out every dollar for you. We will take your current online revenue to new heights.

Improve Reach

Improve your audience reach, brand awareness and revenue streams through our smart syndication services. Digital media is full of emerging and established distribution options for your content.The real trick is finding and securing outlets that deliver to you the audience and revenue you seek without lots of your time and cost. We will make your syndication produce value you have not seen before.